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The Annual Family Give (AFG) is one of the most important ways you can show your support for our amazing school! It is our first and largest campaign which kicks off at the beginning of the school year.

We have an overall goal of $340,000 and a campaign goal for AFG of $190,000. There will be other opportunities to give during the Rainbow Run and Spring Auction, but why wait? The sooner we get to our $340,000 goal that covers our current budget, the sooner the community can vote on our extended needs like iPads, classroom libraries, or a new playground.

EVERY donation makes a difference. We ask families to give what is
personally meaningful to them. Maintaining the quality and diversity of our school depends on this shared responsibility and we THANK YOU SO MUCH for your donations and support for CWC Hollywood.

Community Giving enables CWC schools to:

• Secure necessary funding to fully implement our CWC learning model that we all love. 
• Support schools directly - 100% of the funding raised through community giving stays at the school to support your child’s education. 
Community giving funds support all of the holistic programs that make CWC so unique.
Donations directly support students as they build the skills needed to lead across lines of difference, and work towards serving as true citizens of the world. 

How do your donations help our school? AFG donations, like all community giving donations, directly support our school’s operating budget. Donations help cover important pieces of our CWC model, including Visual/Performing Arts, Music, Teacher Coaching, Professional Development, Social Emotional Learning, robust development of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging practices, and more. CWC classrooms look and feel different from other traditional public school classrooms, and we rely on your support to sustain this innovative model. For more information about CWC Community Giving, click here.

California ranks near the bottom in terms of per student funding, which means we need to raise the additional funds the state does not cover to sustain our educational model.


Would you like to make a gift via stock donation or a Donor Advised Fund? Please click here for more information on donating stock. 

Click here for Fidelity Donor Advised Fund Instructions

If utilizing a different Donor Advised Fund, please reach out to giving@cwclosangeles.org


Unable to make a donation now but wish to pledge a gift for a later date? Please fill out this PLEDGE FORM and we will reach out to you to set it up.


We ask that you make your annual donation by December 1st, 2023. However, we will continue to accept donations until June 30, 2024.

When setting up a monthly recurring donation, please calculate how much you would like to give for the year and divide by the number of months between now and our fiscal year end, June 30, 2024. Recurring donations continue until requested to end.

1316 N. Bronson Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90028 | (323) 464-4292 | www.cwchollywood.org 
AFG Contact: jonathan.gordin@gmail.com | (917) 751-3539
What does my contribution support?
covers the costs of
art supplies for one week!
$100 or $9 per month
covers costs for
2 multicultural classes!

Photo credit: Farah Aria via Etsy
will provide 
professional development for 2 teachers!
or $83 per month 
will cover the costs of 
leveled reading books for 1 classroom library!
or $208 per month 
covers the cost of
math and reading curricula and intervention support for 2 classrooms! 


or $416 per month 

will provide 

Visual/Performing Arts instruction for 3 weeks!